Home # Journal Entry Vol.104.7: DON’T DO IT, ROCKET BOY


by James A. Clapp

Don’t know how clever a political actor Kim Jong un is. Not much is known about him beyond his youth and goofy haircut. But this past Easter he met with CIA director Mike Pompeo on some preliminary matters related to an eventual meeting with the other guy with a goofy hairdo, perhaps in June.

It was Kim who made the overture that he might be willing to talk about some rapprochement with the USA over this whole intercontinental ballistic missiles thing. What prompts these remarks is that at the meeting with Pompeo Kim supposedly said that is far as negotiations are concerned his own missiles would be” on the table.”

So this is a bit of a message to Mr. Kim: don’t do it.Maybe it is just a ploy on your part, but if I were you I would never seriously give up my “Trump card” in any negotiation with a scumbag like Donald Trump. Power is power, and if you give it up it is pretty much guaranteed that you will end up like some drywall contractor that Trump has screwed out of his contract.

One hopes, Mr. Kim, that you are aware of some of the history of Mr. Trump, his business practices, his fraudulent deals, and his incessant prevarication. Maybe you just put your missiles on the table to ensure that Trunp shows up thinking that he already has the upper hand. Maybe you are going to play him for the complete jerk that he is and with the knowledge that even when he comes out the loser he claims he’s a winner.

Secondly, one hopes that you are already aware that you are going to be dealing with one of the premier racist countries on the planet. Don’t ever believe that Mr. Trump gives a shit about you and your people, or even the people of South Vietnam, or Japan, or China, or any people are not White. I am not saying that Asia does not have its racists too; just look at the way Japanese have treated you Koreans. But I am just reminding you that Trump does not regard you as an equal and will not treat you as one.

Maybe you can set the stakes extremely high, like opening with America needs to withdraw entirely, all troops and ordinance, from South Korea, Japan, all territorial waters, and even Guam. In other words, tell him he has to get the fuck out of your neighborhood with all his troops and military toys and maybe you will consider denuclearization.  Afterhe withdraws; not before. Do not trust this sonofabitch. Do not trust America. I should know, I live here under the barrage of the incessant racism, historical lies, militarism, xenophobia, injustice, and imperialism. It pains me to write that litany, but it’s the ugly truth of my country.

You have an ugly truth, too. I don’t mean just your hairdo, but you are a tyrant, murderer, and pretty much an all-around asshole—which makes you well matched with Donald Trump. But it is your people, the brainwashed and oppressed, and often starved to death, that I believe deserve bit of a break. They won’t get a better one if they fall under the bullying and imperialistic overreach of America, especially a Trumpian America. Just look at what we did to Central America, Southeasrt Asia and the Middle East.

So hold on to your missiles. Show Mr. Art of the Deal how to really deal. Remember what happened to Lybia and what could happen to Iran. Oh, and don’t forget what happened to Japan in August 1945.

©2018, James A. Clapp (UrbisMedia Ltd. Pub. 04.18.2018)

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