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Carpe Diem: 2019.08.15 Act of Contrition

by James A. Clapp

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Frank T Lorne 2019-08-15 - 1:59 pm

How come there were only two and not the horde of “friends” who vandalized and beat up people standing behind them?
And why apologizing only to the tourists, and not anyone who were using the airport for various reasons?
I support democracy but not the method that was used.
The system of Hong Kong does not call for a revolution, at least not at this point.
…and they are not desperate.
As far as an artistic expression by two individuals, I’ve nothing to say.

James A. Clapp 2019-08-15 - 11:02 pm

I cannot say that I approve I cannot say that I approve of offensive activity on the part of the protesters. I believe that they should protest predominantly in a defensive manner. They very little by getting into a warlike posture with Hong Kong police, and I believe they lose some public sympathy. in the end it will lose. Moreover, it creates circumstances in which they will be victimized by fake news, false flags, propaganda and enemy infiltration

Frank Lorne 2019-08-17 - 5:22 am

The image of Paradise has evolved into images of Hell.
I’ve yet to see the interior of a HK family home that I will call a Paradise, because HongKongers use the public space as their living rooms.
Unfortunately, their living rooms have turned into a mess.
The two girls are NOT desperate. Their CITY is.
The two girls reminded me of a song and a scene from the film “Carrie”.
They started a joke, and now the joke is on them.
Pray for 8.18, I hope it will not end in a bloodbath.

Frank Lorne 2019-08-17 - 5:35 am
James A. Clapp 2019-08-17 - 8:30 am

Frank, your comment has a ring of the “establishment” to me. How are you not able to appreciate what’s certainly must be what certainly must be a sense of true desperation in the youth of Hong Kong? They have a clock clicking on them like a death sentence that will be executed in 2047 on them and their children and Chairman Xi is giving them an example of what it will be like on a daily basis. Is not Carrie Lam merely Regina Ip in a different hairdo? I must ask you: are you a true Hongkonger?

Frank Lorne 2019-08-18 - 10:41 am

Jim, you are a teacher teaching, say, in a school run by the Jesuits.
You told your class one day: “I warn you that if anyone of you had raped a boy or a girl outside this classroom, I shall hand you over to outside the classroom authority.”
Some of the students in your class said, “Sir, that’s too threatening a restriction for us. You should resign.”
You said, “I didn’t know I have hurt your feeling so bad, so I’m going to think about what I said a little more.”
The students said, “No, we want you to permanently withdraw what you said, apologize and resign. Furthermore, we want a new teacher to be chosen from the class by a general election, because we don’t trust the Jesuits”
You laughed, “Of course, I won’t do that.”
Some students protested and than disrupted the class, the security was called.
Someone got hurt.
Two girls with mask raised a poster saying they are DESPERATE.
And now, Jim, you’re going to say. “It’s all because of those damn Jesuits!”?

The classroom got luck out in that 8.18 was a rain bath and not a bloodbath.
I think the teacher’s warning was a joke, the students request was a joke. But if no one believe so, the conflict will continue.
I’ll answer your other questions after I can get some sleep.

James A. Clapp 2021-12-07 - 1:54 pm

Of course, blame it on the Jesuits, they’re guilty of so much, so you probably got it right.

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