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Vol.4.11: Boosh in Space: But Why? An Invitation

I’m trying something interactive with this particular entry. The graphic below suggests perhaps the most obvious reason why Mr. Boosh, whose notion of Lebensrraum now can no longer be satisfied by grasping chunks of the Middle East under false pretenses, now has a new found “vision thing” for the solar system. But there may be other reasons and justifications for Mr. Boosh’s new found interest in space exploration. 

So I am extending ann INVITATION to my “subscribers” to send in their own speculations. Just press that FEEDBACK button at the bottom and fire away. I would like to publish the results in a forthcoming issue (without attribution should you feel the brimstone breath of Ashcroft on your neck) to be shared by all. Yes, and this invitation is tendered to any Right Wingers and Clinton Bashers who may wish to see something heroic in our president who has gone from cowering in a deep hole in Nebraska on 9-11 to the planetary neighborhood.

So I look forward to “hearing” from you. Sometimes I feel like those intrepid SETI listeners for some communication from the heavens. Hellooooo! Is anybody out there?

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