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Carpe Diem: 2016.12.05 CALEXIT

by James A. Clapp


Readers of these pages are surely aware by now of my lack of patriotism. It’s not that I do not like the amber waves of grain, forspacioius skies or dawnzerly light, or about half the inhabitants from sea to shining sea. It’s the other half, mostly idiots, racists and scumbags that I regret having as “my fellow Americans,” who are the reasons why America never was, is not, and never will be “great.” For a while I deluded myself that the glass was half full; since this last November 8 it is definitely half empty.

When I am abroad and asked where I am from I reply “California.” I don’t want to say the United States, since I am mostly ashamed of its foreign policy and also a lot of foreigners don’t like us.

But there’s another reason I say “California.” To a lot of foreigners California is like another country. That’s because it is. It’s the world’s sixth largest economy all by itself; it has more people than Poland; it makes just about everything, much of which it invented; it could feed the whole country; it has the finest higher education system in the world; it leads the world in areas like media, IT and other things, and; it practically finances the U.S. government with the Federal taxes it pays. And what does it get in return? It’s called the land “of fruits and nuts” (pejorative connotations).

So it’s time for us Californians to leave—secede. Why? Because, we’re sick of the 50 percent scumbags feeding off of us, that’s why. We’re sick of the red states full of low life racists and hypocrites bitching about welfare, Medicare and unemployment when we Californians are financing them as the major recipients of Federal largesse.   Most of the states are like banana republics that would be cannibalizing their own children were it not for what California contributes to the national fisc. We fruits and nuts, of course, get only a portion of this back, but the freeloaders regard us with contempt.

Well screw them. We want out. We are sick of having sacrifice our social and physical infrastructure to carry freeloading red states on our backs. Screw those states. You take your Trumplandia and see what you can do with it—without us. Oh, and we’ll be electing our own president.

Hey, fellow Californians! Join up for California’s independence.



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Laura Bottaro Costner 2016-12-05 - 7:04 pm

100per cent true. Where would those red states be without us? Down the drain.

Norcal 2016-12-13 - 1:18 pm

What happened to Italy??

Si metteranno a dura perdere i vostri nipoti quando si sposta in Italia

James A. Clapp 2016-12-14 - 8:04 am

Italy is still in play. Not just grandsons.

Laura 2016-12-14 - 7:44 am

Or we can build a yuge wall around those red states and they can all live together enjoying their guns until they all turn on each other.

James A. Clapp 2016-12-14 - 8:08 am

We just have to get them to pay for the wall.

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