Home Carpe Diem Archives Carpe Diem: 2018.04.25 FRANCO-AMERICAN HOMOEROTICISM


by James A. Clapp

You know those Frenchies: Toujours l’amour, Toujours l’amour, Toujours l’amour.  Right?  This is no way for Donnie to try to fend off those accusations that he conducts adulterous assignations with porn stars and playmates. But it’s all there, in the photos of Donnie and Manny, touching, nudging and holding hands like a couple of loverboys outing themselves before the world. Vladimír must be thoroughly pissed off at being jilted like this, and will no doubt “unlike” Donnie from his Facebook page.

And, in good ole American Racism . . . 

Apparently, NRA Will need to revise it’s mantra to “All it takes to stop a bad White guy with a gun is a black guy with balls.”  Donny was too busy making Google eyes with Manny to give any sort of recognition to Mr. James Shaw, an African American of Nashville, Tennessee, who disarmed Travis Reinking of his AR-15 before he could add to the four Black people he had already shot and killed in the restaurant. Trump, of course,completely ignored this selfless act of courage since it does not align with his White supremacist values.

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