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Carpe Diem: 2016.12.24 THE GIFT OF TRUMP

by James A. Clapp


Since this past November 8 I have been mulling over the mentality of the Trump voter. For some reason this old joke kept coming to mind. It goes as follows:

Back in the days of marauding hordes a village is taken by barbarian raiders.  A large, fierce barbarian strides into a hut where a man and his wife are cowering.  The barbarian says to the man, “I am going to rape your wife, and you are not going to do a thing about it.” 

The barbarian takes his sword, scrapes a line in the mud floor of the hut and tells the man, “If you step over this line I will kill you in a horrible way.”  Then he grabs the wife, throws her on the bed and proceeds to rape her.  When he is finished he takes his sword and walks out without saying a word.

The husband rushes over to his wife who is weeping. But when she looks at her husband the man is actually laughing.

“How can you be laughing when a barbarian has just raped your wife?” she says.

“I sure showed him, the husband replies,” snickering.

“What can you mean, husband,” the wife say incredulously,” that barbarian raped me right in front of your eyes!”

“Yeah, the husband says,” proudly, “but he was so busy at it that he never noticed that I stepped over that line three times!”

This is the season Americans will not just get the gift they deserve—they will get the government they deserve.


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