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Carpe Diem: 2016.10.28 BUNDYLAND JUSTICE

by James A. Clapp


In a political atmosphere in which a candidate openly supported by white supremacist organizations exhorts his followers to de facto intimidate minority voters at the polls, and who employs “dog whistle” rhetoric that encourages retributive actions to what he alleges will be a “rigged” election, and in which Native Americans have been arrested for protesting that their legally sovereign territory is being polluted by an oil line, an Oregon jury of idiots and/or bigots acquitted the Bundy-led occupiers of a federal property. These faux patriots, claiming “government overreach” occupied our property, shit on it and thumbed their noses at law enforcement, and they will walk away as free as a white cop who has gunned down an unarmed Black kid running away. America just can’t seem to outdo itself in announcing to the world that it is a joke democracy of apartheid values and a biased and corrupted legal system that upholds and enforces its racism. Black, Hispanic, or Native Americans behaving in a similar manner as the White Bundy gang would probably never have lived to be convicted. Donald Trump has done one public service—he has ripped off the scab of denial over America’s self-inflicted wound and original sin of slavery, bigotry and racism. So long as innocent people of color can be gunned down with impunity and law-breaking whites are acquitted the words America and “great” do not belong in the same sentence. No such place exists. Nor, as Mrs. Clinton slogans, will America be “Stronger Together,” since there is no, nor is there likely to be any normative ligaments binding “together” this fractious falsehood alleged to be “one country, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”

Perhaps the great reckoning begins November 9.

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