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Carpe Diem: 2016.08.24 She’s Gold with Dragon City Journal

by James A. Clapp


If DCJ was ever to have a “pin-up” girls in its virtual centerfold we have found her—at the Rio Olympics. Simone Biles was great and very cute, and there were some beautiful, tall athletic women on the volleyball teams, but our candidate is, hands down, slam dunk, world and Olympic record, Fu Yuanhui of the Chinese (that’s PRC) swim team. Here is a (still girl-ish) young woman who perhaps represents best what sports and amateur athleticism should really be about, a inspirational amalgam of humility, authenticity, goofey-ness, and exuberant joy and surprise—at having done her best and receiving a bronze medal, no less. Most of China and a lot of the rest of the world have already fallen in love (if you haven’t, get some counseling) with this refreshing deviation from the contained stoicism of Asian athletes. One hopes that being thrust into the glare instant fame will not spoil this genuine young woman who is the sweetest thing to come out of China since the gai mei bao. Forget Phelps’s medals, the nationalist chants of “USA, USA,” Ryan Lockte’s dissembling, Brazil’s soccer redemption, the Zika scare, the annoying shots of Christ the Redeemer, even the girl from Ipanema, let us have the memory of this endearing young woman and the golden evanescent moments from a personality that truly reminds us what it should to be all about.


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Norcal 2016-08-24 - 12:41 pm

Agreed. However I will miss the green pool.

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