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Carpe Diem: 2019.09.05 EUROTRUMP

Trump Europe

Some readers might have missed Donald Trump’s fudgy cartographics with a map of the projected path of Hurricane Dorian in which the prez decided to extend the projection to the state of Alabama to confirm his falsely tweeted projection. The man is as competent to a geographer as he is a successful businessman. At the G8 meetings in Europe he also made a statement that indicated he thought he would have to pass over Poland to reach Germany from France.  Unwilling to accept the geographic reality, Trump feels it is an easier matter to rearrange Europe’s political boundaries. So he took out the trusty Sharpie pen that he uses to amend meteorological maps. The Germans and Poles (who Trump “congratulated” on being clobbered by the Nazis in 1939) can sort out where they want to live.