[DCJ-SA] 911 VERSION 2.0

by James A. Clapp

Be afraid! Be Really Afraid! Again!

Here we go again, folks. The Bush Administration wants you to be so afraid you’ll be so busy changing your underwear you won’t even have time to email your senator to object to getting screwed by Mr. Screw-Up yet one more time. This time it will be the mother of all bailouts for his friends on Wall Street.

This is the administration that can’t account for what happened to over $20Billion that went into Iraq in cash (and that’s not counting the money they used to bribe Sunni sheiks to throw out Al Qaeda and make it look like the “surge” is working.) Now they want to make Paulsen another Bremer, give him $700,000,000,000 to $1,000,000,000,000 taxpayer dollars with no congressional or judicial—or any other oversight! They de-regged the system, and now they want to fully de-reg it and give the very same people who caused the meltdown our money. You can’t fault them for audacity.

This time it wasn’t Osama bin Ladin attacking the financial gonads of America by bringing down the WTC; it’s America eating its own guts out. It’s 911/2.0! And there are still some idiot Americans that want McCain (who admits he doesn’t understand economics) in charge, and Palin (who understands mooseburgers, pregnant teenagers, and “God’s plan”) a heartbeat away.

Changer your knickers and write your Senator and Congressperson. Tell them you are “mad as hell and you are not going to pay your taxes if they approve this bailout.” Tell them that if the damned Republicans are so involved with their pious, Right Wing Christian Fundamentalists why the hell don’t they just get them all form a prayer circle and pray for the restoration of America’s financial system, our integrity, our reputation, our good sense—or the final repose of all of them.

Think you’re afraid now? Think “President Palin.”

©2008, James A. Clapp (UrbisMedia Ltd. Pub. 9.24.2008)

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