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Carpe Diem: 2019.08.21 SMACKIN’ ENDICOTT

See the entire scene from the 1967 “Best Picture” In the Heat of the Night here:

It is one of the most satisfying movie scenes—well, at least in some parts of this country (let’s not forget the kinda guy Americans elected president in 2016).  But it is during that President’s tenure that this nation commemorates—well, vaguely remembers—that it is the four-century anniversary of the dumping of the first African slaves on the cotton-growing soil of “land of the free” where “all men are created equal,” and other hypocritical bullshit.

It is truly Amerika’s original sin and has placed us in political purgatory since and forever. We have never acknowledged it in our history courses and our mostly segregated schools and since slavery itself—which it took a war of half a million deaths to end—a substantial racist residue of politicians and their minions have attempted to substitute it with Jim Crow, segregation, a corrupted judicial system, and systematic incarceration.

Sorry white Christians bigots; your Savior cannot forgive this one. You need a good smackin’.