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Vol.68.7: THE NOTZIS

[Amazing how much Jon Kyl looks like Hermann Goering]

[Amazing how much Jon Kyl looks like Hermann Goering]

I’ve been ragging on Obama a good deal of late. Disappointment is probably a stronger motivator than even the disgusting political behavior of the Republicans, or whatever they have transmogrified into the past couple of years. Indeed, Bill Mahr probably said it best, something like “the Center has now moved to were the Right used to be, and the people who are to the extreme Right are the sort who play with their own poo.” They are the crazies, the Angles, O’Donnells, Pauls, and of course, Palins, who combine arrogance and ignorance to a degree unprecedented in politics. But playing upon that insanity, courting it, and legitimizing it, is the residue of what used to be the Republican Party. The two divisions might well self-destruct in a feeding frenzy for political power, but we have plenty of historical examples of their rise to authoritarianism.

The only thing that unites these two elements is—can it be said any more accurately—hatred for the black guy in the White house. They are agreed on political assassination. They agree to totally ignore or conveniently forget that the country was put in the worst shape since the Great Depression by an amoral moron who is now out selling his fictional memoires. The result of their hatred and refusal to recognizes that perilous national condition is the following: they are quite willing to take the country to the bottom in order to get the black guy. They have no policies, no program, no new ideas, only old bromides that are responsible for the disaster of chronic debt, recession, and war. Their only program is to obstruct, to filibuster, and to vote NO to anything that has the hand of the black guy in it, even if it is a conservative policy they once approved if not authored. Their racism trumps all—even the survival of the nation. Obama does not possess, nor can he, the racial purity they require, and this makes them THE NOTZIS—the racists who say “NO.” They are not interested in the nation; they want a corporate fascist state.

This is Obama’s dilemma. He has huge problems—some of which he has exacerbated by expanding the war and compromising on health care—that are themselves seen as the very means by the Notzis, to bring him down, by intransigent obstruction that keeps these problem dragging the nation to the bottom. He cannot cull bipartisan favor with The Notzis. Indeed the very attempt is perceived by them (and myself as well) as a sign of weakness. He has had his Pearl Harbor with the midterm elections, but now it is time to launch an offensive, a D Day, that will drive The Notzis into their bunker and neuter their amoral agenda. There is no room for retreat, for compromise, for surrender. The racists who say “NO” can be beaten, they must be beaten. We did it before, we can—we must—do it again. But Obama must take the lead.
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