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Vol.6.3: The Passion of the Boosh

© 2004, UrbisMedia

© 2004, UrbisMedia

Now that John Kerry has all but cinched the Democratic nomination the Booshies can begin unleash the hundreds of millions in Republican campaign contributions/kickbacks.   Predictably, the first spots, purchased for four million, featured Boosh as the putative hero of 9-11, with perhaps the unexpected angry reaction by the families of lost fire fighters that a guy who weaseled himself into that role after lagging in kindergartens and hiding in holes in Nebraska, just might be exploiting their miseries for political gain.


Less expensively, a letter has been making the rounds on the Internet, whisked along by the American Christian Taliban, about what a saintly (hmmm, maybe even more highly placed) dude we have in the White House.   In case you might have mistakenly swallowed poison today and need an effective regurgitive I provide you with the following excerpt:


With all sincerity, and partisanship aside I tell you: This is a special man! There is a peace and a Godliness about him. It radiates from him. It is the only reason that I was able to remain calm. It was more than the adrenaline I’ve felt when I’ve met other famous people. A goodness flows through this man. He has more than my vote in November. He has my respect, my prayers, and my gratitude. Whatever your political affiliation, and whether or not you agree with his decisions, you should take comfort in the fact that–despite recent press attacks–this is a man of integrity who makes decisions because he believes that are RIGHT, not popular. He makes these decisions with a heavy heart and through prayer. I don’t mean to go on, and on, but I truly believe this was a blessing from God that should be passed on.      Laura Lefler, Office of Senator Lamar Alexander


Ain’t it awful when that stuff comes up through your nose.


Just how this cowardly liar and tax benefactor to the money-changers in the temples of American greed achieved this apotheosis is (excuse the metaphysical reference) a miracle born of public relations and a growing theopathic polity aided in their quest for post 9-11 messiah by the cinematic Gospel of Matthew, Mel, Luke and John.


We will doubtless be exposed to more Second Coming of the Boosh vomit inducers in the coming months.   But those who might be ready to shout blasphemy at my take on this ludicrous garbage I invite to Google over to “The Passion of the Christ” and check out the dozens of commercial spin-offs and movie tie-ins, many licensed by Mel Gibson.   But in the event that you might want to order your pewter cross nail pendant (with Isiah 53:5 inscribed on the side) before they sell out from the Share the Passion of Christ website I provide this link.   I got mine; I think it will make an effective chad puncher (although I confess to thoughts of more Gibsonesque uses).

©2004, James A. Clapp (UrbisMedia Ltd. Pub. 3.6.2004)