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Vol.1.1: Jim’s new website

This is being sent to you because you are a member of my family or a friend (I presume). . I’m calling it “Dragon City” because, well, I like the sound of it, was born in the year of the dragon, and I like cities. But it will be pretty much about anything that I am moved to write (or illustrate with pictures and such) that I have bored or angered friends and family with in the past through regular email. You access it by launching the URL as you would with any website, and voila!, there is the latest “news” from Dragon City.

Of course, you don;t have to bother to open it at all, which is probably a good idea because the Homeland Security people are probably monitoring who visits Dragon City to see who consorts with a liberal pinko who uses French words the language of the French (e.g. voila) who are now considered to be our enemies because they won’t send money or troops to fight our war in Iraq.

But I am digressing, which some people regard as my one and only talent. But, of course, those are the kind of people who like to go deer hunting with Jesus and John Ashcoft. (see what I mean?)

Whatever. Anyway, you may already have enough of a taste of what the news from Dragon City will be like to not click in again. But you should give it a chance. Remember, now that I am retired I need someone to foist my opinions and musings upon now that I don’t have any students as my captive audience (although there will be a midterm and a final). If you want, just click the “Credit/No Credit” button. Later.

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Posted: Mon – October 20, 2003 at 02:33 PM