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CQQ-No.024: Famous Urban Districts

Home delivery in Bangkok's district of canals. ©2004 UrbisMedia

Home delivery in Bangkok’s district of canals. ©2004 UrbisMedia

While what city we were born in or hail from can affect how we are perceived (the ‘pushy” New Yorker, ‘laid-back’ Angeleno, or ‘irascible’ Parisian), what specific neighborhoods or districts we live in or work in within our cities can carry rather specific, if not necessarily accurate, impressionistic baggage. A ‘Brooklynite’ is not simply a New Yorker, but a particular species of the genus. To be from specificarrondisements in Paris is widely regarded as having “a good address,” or from the ‘Latin Quarter,’ can convey something of one’s income or social status. South Philadelphia still has the reputation of producing good prizefighters; “Cockney’s” are ‘produced’ by being born within the sounds of the bells of church of St. Mary-le-Bow.

Districts in cities can form up around a variety of factors that influence land use: race, ethnicity, topography, wealth and social status. Below are a score of districts and neighborhoods from cities around the world, match the names of the cities they help to compose.

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