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CQQ-No.017: City Nicknames

Passage in Prague. ©2004, UrbisMedia

Passage in Prague. ©2004, UrbisMedia

In a person the acquisition of a nickname can come about as a result of a personality characteristic (John “Duke” Wayne), stature (Napoleon “The Little Corporal” Bonaparte), a prominent feature (Jimmy “Shnozzola” Durante), even a mishap (“Wrong Way” Corrigan).

“Mile High City” (Denver); “Mother of Prophets” (Jerusalem); or even for holding the relic tooth of the Buddah (Kandy, Sri Lanka, “City of the Tooth”). But when no particular historical or physical feature seems sufficient for sobriquet a little “borrowed” renown is not uncommon practice. Hence: Beirut is the “Paris of the Mediterranean,” and Buenos Aires is the “Paris of South America,” among other loans from Paris, Athens, Venice and Rome.

Below are a score of city sobriquets, deserved and not, to be matched with the cities.

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