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Vol 104.2:   GOD’S MOVIES (Part 2)

                                    ©  Warner Bros, 1973

Nothing in film adds an extra dimension to the willing suspension of disbelief than the religious movie. The supernatural

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Vol.104.1: GOD’S MOVIES (Part 1)

Because my father possessed an 8mm print one of my earliest and favorite films was Chaplin’s 1917 Mutual Easy Street. The short silent begins

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Las Vegas is a fake city, a national casino, whorehouse, and gun show venue founded by organized crime in the desert and dressed up in the icons of real cities. Having no historical renown or other

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Ken Burns’ 12-hour Vietnam documentary series is airing this week to great fanfare from PBS, as though the treatment of this controversial war might be finally put to bed by its treatment

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Vol.103.4: FREE SPEECH

I might be doing something wrong—nobody has tried to muzzled me, to shut down Dragon City Journal, although somebody did comment recently that I should just “shut up” (it was gratifying to

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The eclipse is now history, but the thoughts it occasioned are still relevant. So here they are.

Eclipse is a facile metaphor; something gets in the way, blocks something out, obscures what’s

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Vol.103.2: MY NUCLEAR OPTION 08.10.2017

The last nuclear war was a one-sided affair. It was the only nuclear war, the one the USA unleashed on Japan in 1945 to bring the Pacific War to an end. Although they might have killed

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Vol.103.1: GRAND DECEPTION 05.11.2017

From the beginning of his campaign a lot has been made of Donald Trump’s stupidity. Some might say “stupid like a fox” but there is no doubt the man is an ignoramus as are most people who

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Vol.102.4: Bye, Bye, Barry

Goodbye Barry,

I have written nearly two dozen pieces about you and your presidency in these pages. But this is the first (and probably last) addressed directly to you. Like a lot of liberal-progressives

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 T’is the season for blessings and blasphemies.

That is my suggested “war on Xmas” replacement for “Merry Xmas, although it doesn’t exactly trip off the tongue. But it’s a more logical

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