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Vol.21.8: YOU’VE GOT MAIL!


From:   3personsin1God@HOL . Com

To:   Dragon City Journal




Or Dragon, or whatever you

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Vol.15.2: Hi, I’m Jim’s Suitcase

Illustration by Peter Horjus

Illustration by Peter Horjus

Is it possible that luggage can have feelings?   At least one suitcase does; one that has accumulated some “psychological baggage” along with a lot of dents, scrapes and frequent flyer miles.


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Vol.5.9: Scribo, Ergo Amo : A Valentine’s Day’s Musings

From Ovid and Sappho to Miller and Jong, writers have written boldly about love.   But in this imaginary survey of genre writers this ‘thing called love’ proves to be as perplexing for

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Vol.5.2: Put Down That Scalpel!

The most prominent and commented upon nose in the universe might just be the customized job sported by singer Michael Jackson.   Oceans of ink have been expended speculating on the number of surgeries

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