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Carpe Diem: 2020.08.23 UDDERLY MIRACULOUS


Christians in upper Minnesota are ecstatic over the discovery of a very convincing image of the Blessed Virgin Mary, mother of Jesus, on the right flank of a Holstein dairy cow Read More

Carpe Diem: 2020.05.20 Pandemic Inklings

What Do They Want?

It is ironic that in the Martian invasion that took place in the original War of the Worlds scenario the invaders were vanquished by a human virus-like the coronavirus Read More

Carpe Diem: 2020.05.15 PANDEMIC INKLINGS

ICUs (Immigrant Care Units)

The face mask and the plastic face shield do not obscure the fact that the nurse speaking with and anxious voice into the camera, as an occupied gurney festooned with dangling Read More

Carpe Diem: 2020.04.12 HE IS RISEN (AGAIN)

I was unable to decide from among three possible illustrations.  But since they pandemicly paradoxical, and hopefully will be topically irrelevant next year, I have decided Read More

Carpe Diem: 2020.04.06 PANDEMIC NOTES 2

Thoughts and prayers

Today, my pandemic penses turns to that notorious American affectation in times of crisis—thoughts and prayers. Americans love to send out their thoughts and prayers Read More

Carpe Diem: 2020.04.01 2020 PANDEMIC NOTES 1


I happen to be one of those people who do not believe that everything that happens happens for a reason. But I do believe that it is very easy to come Read More

Carpe Diem: 2020.03.3 Another Surrender

America’s string of military surrenders masquerading as peace treaties remains intact. After 19 years of war in Afghanistan America has decided to wave the white flag and pretend it has effected Read More

Carpe Diem: 2020.O2.12 HE IS THE LAW

“I’m not blind”

Hooray! We made it! Sieg Heil! We have become the Third Reich! Now that Trump has got the Senate Republican cowards to ratify that he is “above the law” and that whatever he does to and Read More

Carpe Diem: 2019.11.19 NO WONDER

Just in case anyone in the outside world is wondering—HEY! IS ANYONE FUCKING WONDERING?—just WHY the Hong Kong protestors began their dissent with their objection to the People’s Republic Read More

Carpe Diem: 20159.10.29 BONESPUR’S BETRAYAL

In my previous Carpe Diem, I came off as someone who was not easily given to forgiving. Actually, where I can, and where there is contrition and lack of evil intent, I prefer to be forgiving Read More