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Carpe Diem: 2019.08.15 Act of Contrition

Carpe Diem: 2019.08.09 Brexit Brush

Carpe Diem: 2019.07.04 The Tyrannical T

Carpe Diem: 2019.07.02 The Odd Couple

Carpe Diem: 2019.06.22 GET A PAIR!

I am a great fan of Public Radio. I even did some of my own programmings for a few years (you can check out a few samples here).  So maybe Read More

Carpe Diem: 2019.06.19 HERE WE GO AGAIN

“Remember the Maine,” Remember the Maddox (Gulf of Tonkin).  Well, if you can’t, then get ready for “Remember the Straits of Hormuz”? Or whatever it takes—like those alleged Iraqi Read More

Carpe Diem: 2019.06.09 EXTRA-EXTRADITION

As the Communist Party of the People’s Republic of China continues its boa constrictor-like suffocating of the human rights and liberties of the people of Hong Kong, its latest authoritarian Read More

Carpe Diem: 2019.05.27 Memorial Day

In these pages over the years I have written admiringly of my uncles who served in WWI and WWII, Read More

Carpe Diem: 2019.03.26 Say no toilet; see no toilet; smell no toilet

These three young Chinese girls have already mastered the trench squat that is the defacatory posture in much of the world.  Readers of these pages will recognize that, owing to my years escorting Read More

Carpe Diem: 2019.02.13 Up Against the Wall