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Carpe Diem: 2019.10.21 SLAM DUNK ASS-KISSERS [REV]


If the young protesters of Hong Kong require any additional indication of what life will be like under the lifelong Communist regime of Emperor Xi they can always get some clues from the good ole US of A, a politically corrupt capitalist empire ruled by a malevolent moron. I refer here to the most recent strain in relations between the so-called republics over the statement of an official of the Houston Rockets professional basketball team in support of democracy in Hong Kong that seems to have really pissed off at the Beijing boys. Initially, some of the players for the Rockets who were collecting a little off-season cash by showing their skills to what turns out to be a burgeoning China market for NBA games and merch.  They dutifully kow-towed their apologies to the Chinese authorities, a vision that was not easy to abide given that these African American players, descendants of slaves, are free, rich, bling-be-dangled celebrities who appear to be more interested in their bank accounts than their self-respect. (Even LeBron James, normally of well-reasoned opinions on social matters, blew it in criticizing the Hong Kong protesters supporter. Apparently, money talks louder than principle.)

The Hong Kong an equivalent of the Houston Rockets is the Hong Kong Police force that has sold out their friends, neighbors, and relatives whose rights they are supposed to protect, but prefer ass-kissing their Beijing bosses. Amazingly, the Hong Kong protesters are tenaciously holding onto their rights to free speech and assembly, rights that don’t seem to matter as much to America’s NBSlaves (now to Chinese Communists as well as American capitalists) who don’t seem to have much memory of those marches in Birmingham and the dogs and firehoses unleashed upon their grandparents. Puffed up with their self-importance over there socially meaningless games of sport while others are risking their lives to retain and preserve human rights these athletes, and the adoring yahoos who purchase their merch a lot to take a moment to see what’s going on in the real world.

These Hong Kong kids, who were throwing back tear gas canisters at the own cops who have sold them out for less than those ass-kissing Houston Rockets, refuse to be sold out on the most fundamental element of democracy––free-speech.  African-American men should be on the front lines with Hongkongers singing “we shall overcome.” It’s a slam dunk, brothers.