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Carpe Diem: 2018.08.26 True American

As the links below attest I have never been sympathetic to John McCain in these pages. In fact, the only thing I ever agreed with Donald Trump about was that McCain was not a hero (his experience just did not fit the definition; survivor, yes, hero no).  More definitively, someone who bombs civilians in a country that has not declared war on us, and is shot down and rescued by those people, is hardly a hero in my book. He did endure years of incarceration and “enhanced interrogation,” but killing people has consequences.

So, I will not turn hypocrite and join the chorus of praise at his passing. McCain was, as I have written, “a professional POW” who never met a war he didn’t like, and a “political windsock” who never did a piece of significant legislation in over three decades in Congress. He appears mostly remembered for opposing torture (not a hard one), correcting an idiot lady who called Obama an Arab, and showing up in the Senate ill with cancer to cast a deciding vote to save Obamacare, the only times he seems to have been a self-described “Maverick.”

I have been struck by how much he referred to himself, and has been referred to as “a true American.” On reflection, I think the term is apt; there’s something not very heroic about America, either.



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