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Carpe Diem: 2018.02.12 Kim Jong-arf

If I was to give a name to the squatting canine of this graphic it would be Kim Jong-arf, because as I composed it the thought occurred to me that N. Korea’s dictator seems be dumping on our wannabe dictator for the fool that he his.  This begins with the fact that Mr. Kim is accustomed to playing his realpolitik in the dangerous world of East Asia, and his adversary hales from the faux  universe of reality television.  Like a boxing contender taunting the champion for a match (and do not necessarily a title match), Mr. Kim has been shadowboxing by launching nonthreatening missiles and conducting subterranean nuclear tests,  Along with insisting that he is not going to be bullied out of either by Mr. Bone-spur Deferment,  Mr. Kim is confined to his constrained  and sanctioned piece of peninsular real estate with not all that much to lose comparatively by being clobbered by America’s nuclear superiority. On the other hand, all he has to do is make it credible that he can, in return, get a few shots to his adversary’s global connections and a couple of American metropolises. There is more risk for the champion, and both of them seem to know it.

Then there is the way Mr. Kim has outplayed Trump diplomatically. He has made his overture to his southern counterpart and pulled off a coup at the Winter Olympics, making Trump’s Vice President emissary look like a petulant asshole ( which, of course, he is). And, at this writing, Trump appears to be backing down from his exclusively bellicose approach to relations with his adversary. Kim  has crapped on him, a young punk with his own goofy hairdo, has outplayed thus far Mr. “Art of the Deal.”

I confess to  something of a snarky satisfaction in this scenario, partly because I have always had a certain affection for the underdog, but more so because I realize that now, my country finally has the face of a hypocritical, arrogant, sonofabitch that reflects what America really has been on the world stage since the end of World War II.  In an earlier piece on this subject I wrote: The US is the only country ever to use nuclear weapons and it now has nearly 800 military bases round the world and a fleet of nuclear powered and armed submarines to handle any interstitial areas. It’s more than enough to make us the biggest, baddest international bully that operates from everybody’s neighborhood with impudence and impunity.

A major behavior of US international bullying is to act as the self-appointed decider of who is, and who is not, allowed to develop and possess nuclear weapons. The US likes to present itself as a noble defender of human rights and democracy—two of its finest hypocricies—and hence above question or reproach as regards its use of its immense arsenal to intimidate states it deems as unworthy of the same self-defense (and offense) it arrogates to itself and its allies.

Unlike a third of the American public, and almost all of the American Congress, Mr. Kim seems to be ready to call out Trump  for the punk that he really is and always has been. Mr. Kim is a sonofabitch in his own right, but he figuratively, and literally, is the son of a bitch who is crapping on Donald Trump,  a guy who  threatens to blow up the world in order to bully the goofy looking fat kid from another neighborhood. Dump away Kim Jong-arf, dump away!

Then again, I could have named that pooping mutt, Putin Pup.