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Carpe Diem: 2017.09.12 WHEN LIBERALS GET STUPID

Among the rules I used to I part to my charges when I was leading tours to various parts of the world was Never piss off your waiter (Waitress could apply as well, but in most countries waiters predominate). I noticed that some Americans treat waiters as lowly folk, although most a genial and polite. Those that piss of their waiter should take a moment to reflect that that waiter will be handling your food before it is brought to you, an opportunity to do something gaggingly unhygienic to your salad, entre or beverage. Are you considering what that might be? Yup. Maybe worse.

I learned this rule from a French movie, Betty Blue, in which a pizza is dropped cheese side down, and then retrieved for service. Interestingly, this rule is completely violated by Jack Nicholson in the famous restaurant scene in Five Easy Pieces. It made me cringe.

Okay, I’ve buried my title for this piece, but you should appreciate the wisdom so far.

What inspires the title is a case currently before the Supreme Court that involves a baker in some uninspired state who wishes to be able to refuse making a wedding cake for a gay couple. Imagine, a gay couple wants to eat a cake made by someone who thinks they are lower than pond scum. Consider that such cake, dictated by law, is not likely to me made with the love that mama used to make your favorite cookies. Mr. Baker is not likely to poison his unwanted clients, but it might not be a stretch for a little E coli that just might put a damper on Bruce and Ernie’s honeymoon.

But why the hell would they want to bring their business to a baker that despises them in the first place? Or, a wedding photographer? What is the point? Are there no gay bakers? Why associate with people who don’t respect you, and go all the way to the Supreme Court for the privilege? I don’t get it. I need answers.

It’s not just that. Yesterday I read a piece in which the writer alleged that using the term “ethnic food” is racially insulting. Give me a break. Is the point to play right into the hands of the Trump trope about political correctness? Name a food that does not have some ethnic origin or influence. This was from a liberal website, but at least the comments clobbered this dim-wit bleeding heart. What’s gonna be the fallout when Mr. Baker puts a specialty in his display case—with who know what kind of decorative flourish—labeled “Gateau d’ Enculeur”? Sounds rather ethnic to me.