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Carpe Diem: 2016.02.20 EULOGY FOR A MEATBALL


This past week the flaccid mainstream American media compliantly rolled over and launched encomiums on the recently deceased Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia as though “speak no ill of the dead” is some sort of rule journalistic decorum. One wonders—I know I did—how many people actually greeted the news with a reflexive frisson of pleasure. I felt a sense of revulsion when President Obama uttered some bullshit about the departed Justice as a “giant of jurisprudence.” Excuse me, but this guy was a major creep, one half of too many Catholic wops (and I say that as a proud Italian-American) who besmirched my ethnicity from the irreproachable loft of the putative high bench of American justice. Gimme a break. Constutionalists like to cite that Justice Meatball was the progenitor of constitutional “originalism,” and “textualism” (the legal equivalents of “creationism and “intelligent design”) half-assed ideas that say we must regard document as it was meant by the original authors—some sort of mindreading back into the 18th century. If this what passes for “brilliant” we’re screwed; no need to think beyond what a bunch of slave owners in wigs pigtails thought. Jesus, are we that stupid! In fact, Scalia was more of a Biblical originalist who pushed his Catholic beliefs into his arch-conservative rulings and opinions that did nothing but retard the rights of women, minorities, and the oppressed. And let’s not forget that he was the guy who ordained the un-elected G.W. Bush to the Presidency. No one should have wished he would be found in a Texas hotel with a pillow over his porcine face, but I for one will not miss the absence of this bigot and spouter of jurisprudential bullshit from the Supreme Court.