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Carpe Diem: 2018.11.13 Ole Bone Spur

Our Coward-in-Chief once again took to Europe to make himself a national embarrassment for the USA and show himself to be a complete idiot in international affairs (doesn’t know the difference between the Baltics and the Balkans), and an asshole in diplomacy. The occasion this time (although Trump thought it was to bitch about NÅTO) was a commemoration of the end of World War I, and the honoring of nearly 10,000,000 dead soldiers.  Apparently, that  number of insufficient magnitude for Mr. Bone Spur Deferment to fulfill the perilous duty of venturing to an American military cemetery in the fucking rain. Moreover, the warrior of the golf links and gold-digger trophy spouse, Melania, elected to skip the parade of European leaders down the Champs Elysees during a Parisian drizzle. Our hero then scurried back to home soil to insult dfirefighters in California and ensure that his troops dishonor themselves by preparing to battle unarmed women and children refugees poised to request asylum at our southern borders and test our American greatness.