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Carpe Diem: 2017.02.16 PROTECTION

Remember Don Fanucci in the Godfather II? No? OK, he was the guy in the white suit in the old NY Little Italy who, as he liked to say, “wet his beak” a little. By that he meant he ran what was called then, and now, a “protection racket.” Don’t know what that is? Say, you own a shop and one day a brick takes out your display window. After which a guy in white suit comes by and says it’s a rough neighborhood and you need some protection from that sort of thing. All you have to do is let him “wet his beak” in your cash drawer every time he comes by and, grazie tante, goombah, your windows stay intact. Protection racket.

Now switch to your computer and an unbidden pop up like this appears–like it has been doing on my computer for a week now. The pop up is like a brick through your window (screen), and it is the very pop up offers you “protection” against this thing happening. Subtle, huh? Just buy and install it and the scumbag Don Fanucci‘s of the Internet wets their beaks a little. Plus ça change . . .