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Carpe Diem: 2015.01.10 Weenie-in-Chief


Fox News and the right wingnuts love to portray Barack Obama as a weak leader and an appeaser of terrorists. So what does our president do when we have a bunch of armed homegrown terrorists masquerading as protectors of the Constitution taking over public property and threatening violence if their demands are not met. Nothing. That’s right Nothing. Our “Commander-in-Chief” who earlier in the week was openly weeping over American gun violence against school kids, has not the balls to face down (or even shut off the heat and electricity) of a bunch on law-breaking bullies. He’s adamant about background checks on people with mental illnesses (as if having a mental illness categorically means you are violent) but seems to have no ability to recognize the ideological insanity of these second amendment whackjobs.

Obama’s decision in March 2014 to withdraw federal personnel from the Bundy Ranch in Clark County, Nevada, laid the groundwork for the takeover of Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in Burns, Oregon, by White American extremists. By treating armed white protesters differently than protesters in Ferguson, Missouri, or Oakland, California, or on Wall Street, Obama and all of federal law enforcement kowtow to white supremacists. Leaving it in the hands of local and state law enforcement is an abdication of Federal responsibility for Federal lands. And finally, he confirms what Fox News and the right wingnuts say about him—he’s a guy who badly needs to get a pair.