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Carpe Diem: 2020.08.23 UDDERLY MIRACULOUS


Christians in upper Minnesota are ecstatic over the discovery of a very convincing image of the Blessed Virgin Mary, mother of Jesus, on the right flank of a Holstein dairy cow Read More

Carpe Diem: 2020.08.13 SPORT AND STATE

Sports, professional and amateur, are currently consumed with the limitations on their conduct presented by a virus that flourishes in the environment of sweaty bodies and puffing lungs. Read More

Carpe Diem: 2020.08.06 THE GREAT COUNTRY

Vol.107.7: A BOMBS


Exactly 75 years ago today the Enola Gay released the first atomic bomb over the city of Hiroshima. I was five years old at the time, but over the years I’ve read a shelf full of books on Read More

Vol.107.6: TOWARD A PROPER EXPLETIVE (a reprise)

Back in 2006 there was the Michael Richards incident. Since I never watched Seinfeld, I had no idea who Read More


In obvious deference to the widespread civil disturbances in America’s cities ignited this time by the heinous murder of African-American George Floyd by members of the Minneapolis Police Force, Read More


The pro-democracy demonstrators in Hong Kong refer to their police as the “po-po,” a rather innocent-sounding sobriquet for a force that has unfortunately transmogrified into a militarily outfitted Read More

Carpe Diem: 2020.05.31 Pandemic Inklings

Disgust and Dissolution in the Time of Covid

I don’t like waking up each day with feelings of contempt for my own country. About four decades ago I quietly dumped (when I did my last “Easter Read More

Carpe Diem: 2020.05.20 Pandemic Inklings

What Do They Want?

It is ironic that in the Martian invasion that took place in the original War of the Worlds scenario the invaders were vanquished by a human virus-like the coronavirus Read More

Carpe Diem: 2020.05.15 PANDEMIC INKLINGS

ICUs (Immigrant Care Units)

The face mask and the plastic face shield do not obscure the fact that the nurse speaking with and anxious voice into the camera, as an occupied gurney festooned with dangling Read More